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How Slate Top Tables Are Made

Slate Top Tables are built entirely for you, meaning that each one is completely unique, but they share one thing in common. No matter how big or small, all Slate Top Tables are made by the most skilled hands, possessed with decades of experience and using traditional cabinetry techniques. What this means for your Slate Top Table is that its beauty will benefit your family for generations and decades to come.

All of the slate used to make our tables is sourced from Brazil, a country or origin carefully selected because slate from here is renowned for its durability, very low water absorption, flexural strength and non-slip qualities. With a hand-riven texture as it had been freshly hewed from the hillside, or in a honed finish reminiscent of the black hue of a deep mountain top pool, the slate is available in to any dimension up to 7'3" to 3'11". Finished using a blend of the finest natural oils so as not to disturb the beauty of its natural state, the slate top will resist staining from free flowing food and drink and can be kept looking beautiful by a simple wipe with a damp cloth.

Of course, the top is only half the story and the base upon which your Slate Top Table so elegantly stands, is crafted from a choice of pine, oak or exquisite antique reclaimed timber sourced by specialists throughout the UK and provincial France. Whether restored to a rich, deep patina or lovingly hand painted to your desire, each and everyone is bespoke, created to be the perfect unmolested match to your home.

Constructed by skilled experts with many years experience in hand restoration, the bases centre around substantial joints at every juncture to bring your Slate Top the very finest perch. The unparalleled attention to detail and traditional time-consuming methods provide you with a table set to last through generations.

If you want to discover what a Slate Top Table can bring to your life, please contact us today and remember, all our tables are handmade in Devon, meaning each one is completely unique to you.


Please Contact Us With Any Questions You May Have, Remember These Tables Are

Hand Made In Devon So Each Table Is Individual And Can Be Altered To Suit You.


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